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I love making gifs.
Want me to do a particular scene of a movie/tv show? Just send me a message and I'll post it up for you :)

lol derek

this is for my dad :)

"what" he says

we were all wondering when stiles would get his big moment. he got it and he was AMAZING

frenchderpy asked, "Doot doot."

beep beep!

7.28.2014 10:02 AM
Anonymous asked, "He becomes a werewolf not an alpha."

oh! i thought blue eyes = alpha. but now that i think about it- red eyes = alpha. some fan huh 😂😅

7.28.2014 2:36 AM

teen wolf season 2 finale. final scene. jackson becomes a werewolf. this is definitely one of my favorite shows to watch.